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Selling In Spring: Why Easter Onwards Is The Perfect Time To Sell Your Home

Easter marks the start of one of the strongest times of year for property sales; as the season springs into life, so do those house buyers! Throughout April, May and June the local Wigan housing market is in full swing; with online search volumes peaking for the year.

This is definitely our busiest period, with inquiries doubling in some cases, making selling much easier.

An abundance of buyers isn’t the only benefit to listing your home during Easter and spring time; there are plenty of benefits to selling at this time of year. If you’re thinking about selling your home soon, here’s some great reasons why you should…

Buyers Are Ready

Buyers, especially families, will be looking to get their new house sorted before the new school term, that’s why it makes sense to list early and give potential buyers enough time to sort paperwork and move in.

As well as this, most people are starting to get over the financial impact of the Christmas period; meaning they can finally start to think about buying another house.

Longer Days

As clocks move forward the days are longer, which means more potential viewings and more engaged buyers. During darker winter nights, people may be less inclined to view a property after work, which means your potential is limited to weekends.

A bit of sunshine makes all the difference too, potential buyers will be generally happier and ready to look around your house with genuine enthusiasm. The result? A quicker sale.

Better Curb Appeal

We all know that kerb appeal can make or break a house sale and there’s no denying that front gardens always look better in spring and summer. Your house will make a far better first impression with a lush lawn and health flowers.

What’s more, potential buyers can envisage themselves relaxing on the patio or decking with a nice cold beer during light evenings.

Clear, dry days are always a bonus; make sure the outside of your home is nice and tidy and you’ll reap the rewards.

Higher Prices and Better Comps

Although there are undoubtedly more properties being listed during springtime, there are definitely more buyers out there. More buyers means more competition, higher offers and much quicker turnaround.

With more offers, it’s also easier to find a buyer that’s less likely to fall through at a later stage, making selling your property much less stressful.

Get Your Sale Started

If you’re thinking of selling, now is the perfect time. Get your property listing started by getting a free, no obligation valuation for your property online. Our online property valuation tool will give you an accurate price backed by our trusted experts.

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