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‘Tis the Season: Why Christmas is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home

With the nights drawing in and Christmas looming just around the corner, it can be hard to get anything done. What with shopping, catching up with friends and planning the big meal, not forgetting the turkey, your ‘to do’ list can be really overloaded; selling your property will certainly be back of the queue!

If you are planning on moving however, it is well worth considering listing your property over the festive season and there are plenty of reasons to do so! Our latest blog looks at the benefits of listing your property for sale over the Christmas season…

There’s Plenty of People Looking

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of people property hunting over the festive period. In fact, people are known to search on Christmas Eve and Boxing day in particular. According to Google, there are an estimated 14 million searches for properties in December, jumping to 21 million throughout the country in January. That means if you get started now, you’re on to a winner!

It does make sense, once the ‘big day’ is out of the way, people look forward to the New Year; everyone is looking for something to do between the 26th and 31st, why not get them buying your property?

As one of the leading estate agents in Wigan, we know seasonality makes a big difference in property search, but it’s worth beating the competition!

The Weather’s on Your Side

Wet and wintry weather brings opportunity for house sellers. Of course, a nice summers day provides perfect conditions for house viewings, however, blustery, rainy and chilly weather can be good too.

Viewers who step out of the cold into a nice, warm and welcoming home will quickly envisage themselves living there. Consider staging your house with traditional festive decor, including candles, making it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves getting cozy and sharing the sofa with family and friends.

You Will Have Better Viewings

If someone is willing to visit your house over the busy Christmas season, you can be sure they’re serious. Generally, viewings booked over Christmas and the New Year, albeit more sporadic, are proven to be from more committed buyers, looking at a select few properties.

What’s more, viewings at the end of December are from buyers that are more urgent (when compared to the summer period), meaning you could sell your house more quickly. In fact, a house listed in December is said to take around 62 days to sell, with October listings taking over 80!

Get Ahead of the Competition

Remember, selling a property can sometimes take a while. Even with all the best intentions (and our great, service) a contract can take a few weeks from offer to completion, especially when you take surveys and solicitor services in to account; that’s why it pays to get your house on the market early, that way, when you’ll be in a great position to move in the new year.

Stronger Down the Line

If you can sell your house during the festive period, you’ll be in a much better negotiating position during the warmer months. Remember, no chain buyers often get the best deals!

Selling in the winter and buying in the summer can help set you apart in the competitive summer market, whereas other buyers may still need to move their property on before completing.

Your Thoughts?

If you’re considering selling your property, despite the winter chill, we can help! If you’re in the Wigan area, we can help you sell your property. We have some great pricing at the moment, including the opportunity to sell your home for £495 fixed fee.

What are your thoughts on selling over Christmas? Have you tried it? How did it work out? Are you looking to buy a house over Christmas? Let us know in the comments below…

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